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We end the myths about travel money

Moneyeti optimizes your payments by showing you associated costs to maximize your purchasing power.

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We have all the answers that will let you save time & money.
Anywhere in the world.

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Expenses, purchasing power, tips ... Control your on-site budget with ease.


Finally see hidden bank card fees! No more bad surprises when you receive your statement!

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You dreamed about it, Moneyeti did it. From the appearance of banknotes to the real-time exchange rates in more than 100 countries, the transparency is back!

& security

Tips to protect your money and all the practical information in case of emergency.

For the fear of being unable to pay...
80% of travelers still use cash.

Last year, 711 million euros were lost by French travelers in hidden bank fees or hidden exchange fees abroad!

It's a hundred euros per trip! We prefer to help you make the most of it in an extra hotel night or in a good restaurant.

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Moneyeti compiles information from hundreds of sources in real time. Our machine learning algorithm estimates for you the cost of living in more than 300,000 cities. Our fee revealer is connected to most banks and displays the cost of withdrawals or payments abroad and allows you to compare them with the rate in the currency exchange offices.
We give you all the information, destination by destination, to make the right choices and save!

And it's free!

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Because you are travellers and not traders,
The Yellow M fights for your purchasing power

See appearance of currencies
Calculate cost of living
Estimate day-to-day budget
See local uses
Check Exchange rates
Power of purchase
Check bank cards that are accepted
Map of ATMs
Check withdrawal limits
Reveals Card Fees
Locate nearby exchange offices
Get real-time exchange rates
Secure money
Loss, hacking, theft
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"This project has no future : in a year, all banks will have aligned their pricing policies"
Alain Clot, banker, president of FranceFintech - September 2017

Alain Clot

"We are going to save a nickel and a dime with your stuff"
Serge Mesguich, Director, French Public Bank for Investment - September 2018

Serge Mesguich

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  • "Great idea! Indeed when traveling, it's a real headache to find a bureau de change with low commissions!"
    Monique T.

  • "Thank you - a smart service that bankers will certainly not appreciate"
    Marie-Paul L.

  • "I am a young retiree and I travel quite often. I am interested in your application"
    Jose V.

  • "I went to Australia in early 2018 and I had a lot of bank fees, that's why I'm going to follow Moneyeti!"
    Mariette T.

  • "For personal and professional use!"
    Cedric C.

Moneyeti, for never being fleeced again!

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